Happy Easter!

The boys have enjoyed lots of Easter activities this week. During Maths they went on a number Easter egg hunt. They each found two eggs at a time and added or subtracted the numbers they found and wrote these as number sentences. During Understanding the World, we went on a spring hunt:

To celebrate a great spring term, the boys attended the whole school end of term assembly. They sat beautifully listening to Mr Walker and watched various prizes being given on the stage.

We hope you like the Easter pine cone chicks and baskets:

The theme for show and tell when we return from Easter is ‘Growing’. Please bring in a picture of you as a baby.

Monday-Wednesday: Easter holidays

Thursday: Aarnav

Friday: Albert

Thank you very much for the thoughtful Easter gifts. We hope you all have a well deserved, restful and happy Easter. See you in the summer term!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


Image result for easter bunny



The boys have enjoyed learning about Easter and all the seasonal changes that happen at this time of year. They listened to the Easter story and learnt the meaning of Easter. In Literacy the boys sequenced and wrote captions for the Easter story. In Explore and Learn time the boys have enjoyed our Easter table and doing Easter arts and crafts. To end the week they took part in an exciting Easter egg hunt:



In Maths we recapped money that we learnt last week. We have been adding different combinations of money and recognising the different coins. In our other maths lessons, we focused on patterns, concentrating on repeating and symmetrical patterns.

Please follow the link below and have a go at completing the pictures, shapes and patterns sections:


With the sunnier weather this week, the boys have enjoyed our outside afternoon Explore and Learn time on Green Meadow:

The boys are enjoying their new handwriting books and they are concentrating very well when forming their letters.

The starboys for next week are as follows, please bring in a Traditional Tale:

Monday: Nathaniel and Noah

Tuesday: Reiss and Sebastian F

Wednesday: Sebastian S

Thursday: Finish school at 12.

The challenge for next week is: Line up smartly and quietly with your hands by your side.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr



We have had a wonderful week spending time with our ducklings. The ducklings came out everyday and they had numerous visitors from around the school. They have grown so much in size and confidence! The boys loved watching them swim and run around! Today the boys learnt about the farm the ducks are returning to and they said a heartfelt goodbye. Many letters and pictures have been created for the ducks this week…




In Maths the boys enjoyed learning about money. For this maths challenge this week could you please visit a real shop to buy some small items such as sweets that cost less than £1 or 50p. Take a range of coins with you and practise counting in ones, twos and tens. Furthermore, if you have a toy till at home, practise using coins to buy different items. Have fun!

The Starboys for next week are as follows:

Monday: Hugo S

Tuesday: Jacob

Wednesday: Joseph

Thursday: Kailen

Friday: Kiaan

The weekly challenge is: Sit still and cross your legs.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


An exciting science week

What an action packed week we have had! We have celebrated science week which started with a thrilling science assembly watching chemical and physical reactions. This was followed by dinosaur workshops where the boys became paleontologists investigating dinosaur teeth and bones. They made their own set of dinosaur teeth. The boys explored how our brains work as they took part in brain games and made ‘brain hats’. They also investigated floating and sinking and learnt the different materials that float and sink.



Since Wednesday the excitement has been palpable as we have watched our duck eggs hatch:


We look forward to watching them learn to swim next week

The other half of RS enjoyed welly time this week:


In Maths the boys listened to the story ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ They have been learning o’clock times and learning about what happens at different times during the day. Later in the week we also looked at half past times, where we remembered the term ‘half’ that we learnt last week.

For this weeks Maths challenge,  please draw some clocks with numbers 1-12. Please then add a minute hand and a hour hand to display different o’clock times. We have been drawing the hands in class and the boys have learnt that the hour hand is shorter than the minute hand and that both hands need to start from the middle and be drawn in a straight line. As an extension, please draw some half past times. Please write the times you made by commenting on this post. Have fun!

The Starboys for next week are as follows:

Monday: Daniel

Tuesday: Drake

Wednesday: Ethan

Thursday: Harvey

Friday: Hugo K

The challenge for next week is: Check your drawers at hometime.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr





World Book Day

This week we celebrated World Book Day. The boys had lots of fun being dressed up in their costumes and pyjamas. They boys took part lots of literacy activities. This included decorating their class door to look like the gingerbread house from the story Hansel and Gretel. We also started to film a news report which is going to be compiled with other reports from other classes. At the end of the day the boys enjoyed a visit from an author where they learnt about authors and illustrators as well as receiving a complimentary book.

Half of RS took part in Welly Time. They made their own hedgehogs using sticks and seeds found outside:


In Maths the boys learnt about halving. They halved numbers and shapes. The boys discovered that you can only halve even numbers if you want to halve the number into whole numbers. We looked at odd and even numbers and counted in twos.

The Maths activity this week is as follows:

Please use the game below: Press the ‘Halves’ button to start and select ‘Halves to 10’. If you want to progress further then move onto the next level. You can use objects to work out the answers, for example: half of 10, count out 10 objects, you can then use the method ‘one for me, one for you’ method to find half. Have fun!


Enjoying the new role play area:


The new theme for show and tell is: Please bring in your favourite Traditional Tale book.

Monday: Sebastian S (A picture of your favourite superhero- real or fictional)

Tuesday: Aarnav

Wednesday: Albert


Friday: Chrisjan

The challenge for next week is: share with others

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr



Welcome back!

It had been lovely to see the boys come back raring to go again.

We started our week with a fantastic session with Mr Hopwood talking about online safety and different types of technology. The boys listened to an engaging story teaching them valuable lessons:

‘Been There Done It’ has been celebrated this week. The boys have produced such creative scrapbooks full of memories- something to fondly look back on.

Our new topic of ‘Traditional Tales’ has been introduced this week. The boys loved listening to the story ‘The Jolly Postman’. Their new role play area has changed into the The Jolly Postman’s post office. The boys have been busy posting letters, parcels, buying stamps and dressing up as the characters from the story.

During Literacy, the boys wrote apology letters from Goldilocks to the Three Bears inspired by Goldilocks’ letter in The Jolly Postman story.

The Maths homework activity this week is as follows:

The boys really enjoyed doubling this week. Please use the link for games below to double numbers. Press the ‘Doubles’ button to start and select ‘Doubles to 10’. If you want to progress further then move onto the next level. Please use your fingers to work out the answers, unless you have already memorised them! For numbers that will total more than 10, put one number in your head and count on with your fingers. Have fun!



The starboys for next week are as follows:

Monday: Kiaan

Tuesday: Nathaniel

Wednesday: Noah

Thursday: Reiss

Friday: Sebastian F

The challenge for next week is: Say please and thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Goring and Miss Barr


Have a lovely half term!

The boys have loved learning about 3D shapes this week. They have been describing shape properties, including the faces, edges and corners of 3D shapes. They took part in several shape activities, including sorting shapes, outdoor shape hunts and the ‘feely bag’ game where they describe shape properties for their friends to guess:


The Maths challenge is:

Please go on a shape hunt! See if you can find real life examples of:







Once you have found the different shapes, please count the corners and edges and identify the shapes of the faces. Have fun!

On Tuesday we had an action packed Superhero day. All of the boys’ costumes were fantastic- well done for all your creativity! Various games were played throughout the day including ‘What would you do?’ scenario cards and a superhero memory game. Lots of discussion took place during ‘Logic alley’, where the boys decided which side of the debate they agreed with. Members of one side tried to persuade others on the opposing side to join them by giving their reasoning for questions such as, “Would you rather fly or be invisible?”. Around snack time, the boys learnt about ‘Superfoods’ and how to stay healthy. Activities continued including, a variety of superhero arts and crafts which were offered across both classes. Comparisons were made between real and fictional superheroes during a patchwork activity, notably Policemen, Firemen and Doctors. To conclude the day, the boys travelled to Green Meadow. They learnt about road safety and crossed a zebra crossing mat. At Green Meadow the boys told a superhero story through actions, involving flying, jumping and twirling!






In Understanding the World, the boys made some exciting superhero potions that give you ‘super powers’. They were fascinated that water and oil do not mix. They watched the potions bubble as they added an effervescent tablet:


The starboys after half term are as follows. Please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero (someone you know or fictional):

Monday: Hugo K

Tuesday: Hugo S

Wednesday: Jacob

Thursday: Joseph

Friday: Kailen

The weekly challenge is: Take off your jumper independently.

We hope you have an enjoyable and restful half term!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. The boys enjoyed retelling the Chinese New Year story using masks and music to re-enact the swimming race with the 12 Chinese animals. They also created their own dragon dances using a dragon costume. During Expressive Arts and Design, the boys made some wonderful Chinese lanterns.


The ‘swimming race’:

During Maths we have been learning about measuring. The boys enjoyed measuring using weighing scales. They compared the weight of trainers against objects, giving reasons for why they thought they were heavier or lighter.

Using non-standard measurements, the boys measured height and length. They used their hands to measure their friends:

For the maths homework this week, please measure different members of your family lying on the floor using your hands (predict how many hands long you think they will be before measuring). Make sure the base of your hand is at the person’s heel. Be careful not to overlap your hands or leave gaps. Make sure your fingers reach the top of their head at the end. Have fun!

The Starboys for next week are as follows:

Monday: Chrisjan

Tuesday: Daniel

Wednesday: Drake

Thursday: Ethan

Friday: Harvey

The weekly challenge for next week is: Use a knife and fork

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


Snow and Ice

This week we were treated to more snow, resulting in lots of snowmen and huge snowballs!

In Understanding the World, the boys learnt how snow is made and we experimented with melting ice. ‘Evil Pea’, from the story ‘Supertato’ had being causing havoc in the Reception classrooms, freezing a dinosaur in ice! We explored how ice is formed and the best methods to rescue the dinosaur- heat! 


In Literacy, the boys wrote ‘Wanted Posters’ for ‘Evil Pea’. They also made Super Veg:

This week during maths we have combined addition and subtraction. The boys have been distinguishing between the + and – symbols. They enjoyed reading number sentences and correcting the incorrect answers.

The maths challenge this week is as follows:

Please complete the following, either using your fingers or objects to help you. Look carefully at the symbol as it might be ‘+’ or ‘-‘. You may need to put some numbers in your head and count on or back with your fingers. For an extra challenge, extend this to numbers beyond 20. Have fun!









Completing the ‘Been There Done It’ bronze award:

Chalk and Paint:

The weekly challenge for next week is:

‘Do up your zip’

The new theme for show and tell is ‘Superheroes’. For this, please bring in a picture of your favourite superhero and explain why they are your favourite superhero (This can be a famous superhero, or someone you know e.g Dad or Grandma). The starboys for next week are as follows:

Monday: Sebastian F (A picture from your Christmas holidays)

Tuesday: Sebastian S (A picture from your Christmas holidays)

Wednesday: Aarnav

Thursday: Albert

Friday: Blake

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


Let it snow…

We’ve had a fun week in Reception learning about Weather.

During Literacy and Understanding the World, we listened to the story ‘Noah’s Ark’. The boys loved watching the animals enter the ark and being safe from the flood. Their wonderful writing about Noah’s Ark will be displayed in class.

The boys were fascinated learning about rain and rainbows and how they are formed. They enjoyed painting their own rainbows. We also have a class ‘puddle’, which we are going to watch to see if it evaporates!

In Maths we have been learning about subtraction:

For the Maths homework activity, could you please use dice to subtract numbers. Throw two dice, start with the biggest numbers and subtract the smaller number. To extend this beyond 6, use one of your laminated number cards, roll the die and subtract using your fingers.

Here we are exploring the snow and going on a winter trail:



The starboys for next week are as follows:

Monday: Kailen


Wednesday: Nathaniel

Thursday: Noah

Friday: Reiss

The weekly challenge for next week is: Line up smartly and quietly with your hands by your side.

Have a super weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr