Have a wonderful summer!

To celebrate a fantastic Reception year the boys had a party with RG. They played their sports day games and played music games:

The boys enjoyed an end of year picnic:

We congratulate RS for a terrific year! The boys have come so far and achieved so much this year. We wish all of you a very well deserved restful and joyful summer! We look forward to seeing you all when you start year 1.

Thank you very much for the thoughtful and generous gifts and for being so supportive.

Love from

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


The Selfish Crocodile

On Tuesday the boys performed brilliantly in their play ‘The Selfish Crocodile’. They should be very proud of their fantastic performance! They sang, acted and spoke confidently.

The boys were very happy with their performance and they wanted to do it again when it was over!


On Wednesday the boys returned full of excitement from their transition visit to Year 1. They informed Miss Barr and I all about Year 1 life and what they are looking forward to.

Today we had a visit from Mr Meir who works in the language department. He read the story ‘Toutes les couleurs’ where the boys learnt how to say some key French vocabulary and some French colours.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


A week of celebations

It has been lovely meeting with you all this week reflecting on the Reception year and looking ahead to Year 1.
On Tuesday the boys had a super Sports Day. They all showed great sportsmanship:


It was wonderful to see how proud the boys were showing you their work after Sports morning.

This week in Maths we have looked at place value with two digit numbers.

For Maths homework this week, could you please use your laminated 100 square and pick some two digit numbers at random. Look at the first digit within the number and count out how many ‘tens’ it has using your fingers by counting aloud in tens. Next, look at the second digit to identify how many ‘ones’ there are and then count out how many ones there are using your fingers.

This morning we visited the laboratory to look at the ‘curiosity window’. Albert kindly donated lots of fascinating items for the boys to look at, including a hornet’s and robin’s nest with eggs intact.

The boys enjoyed showing their ‘Been There Done It’ scrapbooks to Mrs Price and Mrs Turk:


The boys have been busy practising for their play. They look forward to showing it to you next Tuesday at 9am.

As there are just two weeks left of this term, there will be no more star boys.

Have a lovely weekend- enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


RAF Museum and Welly Day

Today we had a fantastic trip to the RAF museum. The boys completed various trails and took part in a ‘Teddy’s Transport’ workshop; they searched the museum for Teddy’s missing RAF uniform, whilst learning information about the aircraft along the way. Once found, they took part in a medal ceremony and learnt how to salute! They loved travelling on the coach and having a packed lunch! The boys were very good all day.




On Wednesday we had a fantastic ‘Welly Day’. The boys assembled faces on trees using mud and they mud printed on paper using their wellies. They built dens, went on minibeast hunts and went pond dipping too!  The boys were amazed when they found newts.They enjoyed their packed lunches and toasted marshmallows/bananas. Throughout the day, they learnt about the importance of reducing waste and recycling.

This week in Maths, the boys continued to learn about missing numbers. They filled in missing numbers within subtraction number sentences.

The boys enjoyed making paper aeroplanes. They carefully followed instructions learning how to fold the paper. We went outside and had lots of fun testing our planes. Afterwards, we wrote about our morning.

The starboys are as follows:

Monday: Reiss

Tuesday: Sebastian F

Wednesday: Sebastian S

Thursday: No Starboy

Friday: No Starboy

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


A rainy week…

This week half of RS managed to dodge the rain when they went to Welly time. They matched natural materials to colour swatches:

The boys have been practising for our school play with RG, which they are all enjoying very much.

This week in maths we have continued to learn about estimating. The boys estimated amounts of items as well as estimating lengths and distances. We used multilink cubes to estimate and check the length of different types of small world transport toys. Furthermore, the boys practised filling in missing numbers. Please fill in the missing numbers at home:

2, 4, _, 8, _, 12.


5, 10, _, 20, _, 30


10, 20, 30, _, 50, 60, _, 80.


5 + _ = 9


7 + _ = 10


10 + _ = 12


_ + 2 = 10


_ + 5 = 15

In Literacy, the boys were learning about list writing. They wrote lists about different types of transport they have travelled in. They also wrote sentences about their favourite types of transport..

Please prepare a song for show and tell next week. The starboys for next week are as follows:

Monday: Kailen

Tuesday: Kiaan

Wednesday: Nathaniel

Thursday: Noah

Friday: Reiss

We hope you have a lovely weekend and a wonderful Father’s Day. Enjoy the School Fete!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


Welcome back!

A warm welcome back to you all!

We have started our new topic of ‘Transport’ and the boys have been enjoying learning about trains. We have been finding out the answers to the transport questions you thought of during half term.

During Expressive Arts and Design the boys have enjoyed getting messy by colour mixing using their hands!

This week in Maths we have learnt about estimating. For homework this week please could you find different sized containers and fill them with varying objects such as stones, coins or marbles. Estimate how many are in the container and record your estimation. Once you’ve estimated, please count to compare your estimate to the amount. Please comment on this blog post to say how you got on. Have fun!

Today we took part in the coin mosaic challenge. We had lots of fun and showed great team work to make our design. The theme was ‘Our planet’. Thank you very much for all the coin donations.

For show and tell next week, please could you prepare a song to sing to your class. The starboys for next week are as follows:

Monday: Harvey

Tuesday: Hugo K

Wednesday: Hugo S

Thursday: Jacob

Friday: Joseph

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr


Have a happy half term!

Another half term has flown by! It is hard to believe that next half term will be the final half term in Reception for our boys…

Their progress is evident in all the fantastic work they are producing. In Literacy the boys wrote their own creative stories remembering to include a beginning, middle and ending. We had some very exciting events  including witches, knights, magic portals, jungles and many more.

In Maths we revisited telling the time. The boys enjoyed making clocks and playing time games including ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’. For homework this week, could you please use the paper plates clocks sent home today to make o’clock times. We have also been looking at half past times.

Our broad bean plants have grown dramatically. Please continue to look after these at home and we look forward to seeing the updates in your bean diaries once they’re completed!

Half of RS enjoyed ‘Welly Time’. They colour matched natural materials to their colour palettes

At the end of the week we waved goodbye to our butterflies. The boys have really enjoyed having them in class and learning about the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly:


The theme for show and tell is ‘Singing’. Please practise a song to perform to your class. The starboys after half term are as follows:

Monday: Blake

Tuesday: Chrisjan

Wednesday: Daniel

Thursday: Drake

Friday: Ethan

Have a well deserved half term holiday!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr




During Maths we revisited looking at coins from 1 pence to £2. The boys enjoyed practising their adding skills by playing money bingo. Each board had combinations of coins, which they rapidly added together to match different price tags. The boys also enjoyed visiting shops where they gave money and received change.They played the roles of customer and shop assistant where they could only use one coin and they worked out the difference between the coin and the price e.g. the item cost 2p but a 10p coin was given. They subtracted 2 from 10 to give the remaining 8p back. When the number was close to 10p, e.g. 7p, they found the difference by counting up. They applied this within their child initiated play too:

The Maths homework activity for this week is an online game. You can select different coins and challenges:


You can select one coin or mixed coins. Under the ‘mixed coins’ tab you can practise giving change.

During Understanding the World we have been observing our caterpillars and broad bean plants. The boys have been amazed by the growth of their beans and it has really captured their interest. They have written excellent entries into their bean diaries. Our caterpillars have made their chrysalides and the arrival of butterflies is imminent…

The theme for show and tell next week is ‘Singing’. Please come with a song ready to sing to your class. The Starboys for next week are:

Monday: Reiss (Baby picture)

Tuesday: Sebastian F (Baby picture)

Wednesday: Sebastian S (Baby picture)

Thursday: Aarnav

Friday: Albert

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr




Caterpillars and Beans

This week we have enjoyed watching each caterpillar grow rapidly. We have also watched our broad bean seeds germinate! The boys have been very excited about these changes. They have written in their Bean Diaries and they have cut, sequenced and labelled the life cycle of a butterfly

In Maths we have been learning the terms ‘in between’ and ‘difference’. The boys enjoyed making human number lines and finding numbers that were in between numbers. They also used number lines to find the difference between two numbers.

To practise this at home, please lay out your number cards or use your laminated 100 square to find numbers that are in between other numbers e.g. write one number between 12 and 17. Similarly, use these laminated resources to find the difference between 2 numbers. The boys have learnt to count on from their starting number and to remember to count up to and including the last number. e.g. To find the difference between 5 and 10 count 6,7,8,9 and 10 on a number line. Or find/draw 10 objects and take away 5, how many are left?

Explore and Learn time:

The show and tell rota for next week is:

Monday: Joseph

Tuesday: Kailen

Wednesday: Kiaan

Thursday: Nathaniel

Friday: Noah

We look forward to our class breakfast on Monday!


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr



We have started our new topic of Growing, which the boys are very excited by. The boys have been introduced to our class caterpillars:

We have been watching them eat, shed their exoskeletons, spin silk and grow dramatically the last few days.

We are waiting for them to finish growing and to climb to the top of their pots where they will hang from the lid in a ‘J’ shape. After this they will form their chrysalides and we will transfer them into their butterfly gardens and wait for them to emerge!

Later in the week the boys planted their own broad bean seeds. They wrote an entry into their bean diaries about how they planted their bean:

During Literacy we listened to the story ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’. The boys retold the story and their fantastic work is up on display in the classroom.


During Maths this week we have learnt about number bonds to 10. We also explored bonds to 20.

The boys have enjoyed learning this song below:

For the maths activity this week, can you please practise your number bonds to 10. To extend this further you can compare these to 20 by looking at the ‘ones’ in the number e.g. 4+6=10 therefore 14+6=20.

The starboys next week are as follows:

Monday: Bank holiday

Tuesday: Harvey

Wednesday: Hugo K

Thursday: Hugo S

Friday: Jacob


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Mrs Starkey and Miss Barr